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nextAV, how can we helpnextAV, how can we help


With What Can We Help You?

Electrical, Entertainment & Automation

Security, Surveillance, Intercom & Access Control

Intelligent Lighting

Home Theatre & Media Rooms

Satellite & Aerial

WiFi & Networking

Solar & Energy Management

Automated WindowTreatments


We open up a world of technology and we match it to your individual needs.



The nextAV team are genuine home technology enthusiasts.

Giving you the powerGiving you the power

We tailor our smart home designs for flexibility. All settings are customised to meet your needs, as simple or intricate as you desire. 

How much automation do you need for your home? The answer seems pretty straightforward. For smaller and retirement homes, a little may do—perhaps a few connected lights, smart locks, and a modest entertainment system. For mid-sized properties, perhaps a bit more—a few extra zones of audio and some enhanced security. For larger houses to expansive estates or for those looking for control of virtually every device or system in their homes, the sky’s the limit. 

No matter the size of your sanctuary or the scale of the smarts you want to outfit it with, nextAV has a solution for everyone, fit for your home and lifestyle.

Automation Planning

Before you start building let us help you plan your automated house.

We plan our work in close collaboration with architects, developers, builders and subcontractors.


Satellite TV

Professional DSTV, OVHD & Deukom Installer

 Domestic and Communal Installations


nextAV makes it easy for the owner to prepare the house for visitors from afar—he/she can turn on the lights, fire up the music, and turn on the AC. When guests are ready to enter the house, the owner can open the garage door, disarm the alarm system and even unlock the front door remotely.

If the owner is down on the beach or garden when guests arrive, he/she will hear the doorbell through the outdoor rock speakers—and can unlock the front door remotely and tell the friends to come on down to the water or garden.


Every window covering can be raised with the touch of a button at the front gate when the homeowners arrive after being away.


Artful automation graciously does the heavy lifting, allowing the beauty and elegance of the home itself to collect all the fanfare. It may be less noticed than the aesthetics, but for those who use automation, it’s the secret star of the show.